A spoon for people with shaky hands

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It has given me back my independence to eat and enjoy a whole meal without sharing it with my clothes or surroundings

S’up Products Ltd was formed as a result of the invention of the S’up spoon.  The idea of the spoon came from Grant Douglas who found eating soup, cereal and other soft foods difficult as he couldn’t always keep these types of foods on his spoon due to his shaky hands.

Grant has shaky hands due to being born with Cerebral Palsy.  After looking for a adapted spoon and trying many different pieces of cutlery specifically adapted for disabled people, he had the lightbulb moment of deciding that he needed a spoon with a lid on it.

When a friend found out about Grant’s idea, she put him in touch with the design company, 4c design in Glasgow.  4c design decided to help and Grant worked with Mark Penver from 4c to invent a spoon to enable him to eat more, chat more and spill less.

Grant got a prototype spoon for Christmas and because it worked so well, it was decided to bring it to market.  What is now known as the S’up spoon has a deep cavity that stops any spillage when it’s tipped back, it also has a angled handle that makes it easy to pick up from a flat surface.

The S’up spoon doesn’t only help people with cerebral palsy, but it can also help any person who has uncontrollable upper body movement which could be as a result of Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Essential Tremor, Stroke, a traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease or other conditions that cause tremor, check out our blog post for more information about who can benefit from the spoon.

We ship worldwide and offer a no quibble returns policy if a person finds it unsuitable for whatever reason.

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