Here are a list of questions that we are frequently asked about the S’up spoon:

Why S'up?
Because it’s the sound you make when you use it! 
When will I get my spoon?
We aim for 7-10 days nationally and internationally 14 days.
I'm not sure if my order has been placed, how can I check?
The first thing to do is to check your email inboxes (including spam mail).  You should have got a confirmation email when you placed the order. If the order confirmation email is missing then please check if the payment transaction has taken place, if it hasn’t then there’s a very good chance the order hasn’t been placed.  In which case you can either re-place the order, or contact us to double check that the order hasn’t been placed.  Please use the order name in any correspondence. 
It costs £12.50? That sounds like a lot!
We’re sorry that you feel the price for the S’up spoon is too high but S’up Products is a single product company. We are not investor funded nor are we owned by a multinational company.  All profits are being re-invested into new product development that will either help people with shaky hands do more things independently or enable more people (e.g. children) benefit from the Spoon’s design   No directors are  earning a wage or benefitting from the sale of the spoon.
I don't have Paypal?
You don’t need an account with Paypal to buy the spoon, you can simply enter you credit card details at the checkout.  Paying by PayPal or credit card are equally secure.
How secure is your shop?
It’s secure for basic information such as names and addresses. The card payments are all done through Stripe which is a global online payment system and has been #1 for many years. It itself is incredibly secure. 
Can I have one to try? Could I have a free sample?
Being a start up company working off the generosity of others we currently don’t have the funding to hand these out for free to try. However we offer a unlimited returns policy so if you’re not happy with the spoon we’ll refund you the cost of the spoon.  
What's your return policy?
We offer a unlimited return policy as we’re aware it won’t work for everyone. However you will be expected to cover the cost of postage. 
It doesn't work for me?
Have you looked at how the spoon functions? Unlike a normal spoon where you use the top lip / teeth to drag contents off it. We’ve found it works best by lifting the spoon and tipping contents into their mouth or ‘sup’ at it.



It still doesn't work for me?
We’d like your feedback so we can continue to improve the design for you and others. Would you mind sending us a short video taken with a smartphone to info@sup-products.com
Will there be any other colours?
Hopefully in the not too distant future we aim to produce spoons in various colours, however as we’re a start up and funding is tight it’s quite expensive luxury to buy stock in multiple colours. 
Will there be a kids version?
We hope so. If the current spoon goes well we hope to expand the range 
Will you be making more products?
We hope so. We have a few little ideas that would help others. If you have any suggestions we’re happy to listen contact us on Facebook, Twitter or email.
I don't need the spoon but I want to support you
We’re working on partnering up with some charities / organisations to give spoons to those who have shaky hands as a result of Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that might make the person need one as well as providing a suitable reward 
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